Artscut Titan Drift 2023-min
Artscut Titan Drift 2023-min

Artscut Titan Drift

Artscut Titan Drift mixes multiple layers of cream, beige and brown tones in a subtle marble effect to produce a quartz design full of both vibrance and warmth. The tones of light grey that overlay the surface of this stone provide a compatibility to any interior. Whether you have white or colourful units, grey or wooden floors or stainless-steel appliances this surface works idyllically with them all.

Titan Drift is a stone that is suitable for food preparation and applications such as kitchen worktops, bar counters and countertops that require a luxurious yet sturdy stone. With a mixture of 93% natural quartz, resin and polymers, strong covalent bonds create a material stronger than most metals. Making the material a scratch and stain resistant material.

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